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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well we had a great weekend for the most part.  Christian and I got a lot cleaned on Saturday and then Sunday went to my Mom's for dinner.  Well I have had 4-5 episodes where I had my panties wet and didn't think it was urine so My Mom insists I call my OB and see what they want me to do...I ended up in Labor and Delivery for a few hours.  They checked the baby's heartbeat and checked to see if I was having contractions.  I had 2 contractions the whole time we were there.  Then the doctor did 3 tests to make sure it wasn't amniotic fluid...All tests came back negative...Thank goodness.  Then he checked my is still long and strong..another good thing.  So I got sent home at that point.  Well since I had a pelvic exam i had some spotting later that evening.  I kept an eye on it and it happened a few times overnight but then stopped.  So I am trying to take it easy a bit to make sure nothing happens...Yesterday I was so antsy for some reason..Got bored very quickly and wanted to be up doing something the whole day.  

I'm glad Ashlynn goes back to school today.  It will give me a chance for some Mommy time today :)