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Thursday, September 2, 2010

OB Appointment Today

This afternoon is going to be a bit busy.  I go for my 31 wk check up with the OB.  I am not anticipating any problems though.  My blood sugar is looking good and other than a few pains I am going to talk to him about everything else is good.  

After my doctor's appointment we will get to come home for a little bit but then we have to be at Gymnastics at 5pm today.  Gymnastics isn't over till about 5:45 or so and we are suppose to be at Soccer practice at 6.  We are going to be late. Christian took the soccer balls so that way he won't be late for practice.  He's the coach so he needs to be there on time lol...With the way Ashlynn practices it might be better if we are a little late...She seems to be interested for only about 30-40 minutes then she is done.  Hopefully Christian will play the games she doesn't like before we get there.

I am glad it is a long weekend.  We are going to be cleaning pretty much all weekend though.  Tomorrow Ashlynn and I are baking a cake for my Mom's birthday and taking it over to her tomorrow night.  Ashlynn is so excited to be helping. 

Enjoy the Long Weekend :)