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Monday, November 1, 2010

Colten is here

Ok so I got off the blog for a long time lol.  I figure I will write the story of how Colten came into this world. 

At the beginning of October my BP started going up and I had protein in my urine so the doctors were monitoring that and also with having the gestational diabetes I was doing twice a week non-stress tests and once a week a ultrasound to check how much fluid I had.  I was starting to get really extreme pains in my pelvic bone whenever I would move so one of the doctor's gave me a pain pill to take daily.  I was only taking it at night.  On Oct.  8th the doctor I have been seeing the whole pregnancy asked when we wanted to do an amnio to check his lung developement.  I wasn't sure about doing one but at that point I was in so much pain I decided to overcome my fear of needles and go ahead and have the amnio.  We scheduled it for Oct. 14th with the understanding that if the results came back that his lungs were developed we would do the c-section on Oct. 15th.  I called in first thing on Oct. 15th to get results because I hadn't heard anything to know if I was suppose to go in or not for c-section.  They said the first 2 tests came back borderline so they were waiting on the 24 hr part that would come back around 9-10.  I was suppose to be at hospital at 11 for csection if it was going to happen so they said we will call you by 10 and let you know.  Christian and I decided to get gas in both our vans real quick and then come back home and wait on phone call.  While we were at gas station my phone rings and they said results came back good and wanted me to get to the hospital as soon as possible to have my c-section.  So we hurry back home and get my bags and then drop Ashlynn off at Mamaw's so she didn't get bored at the hospital...thinking she could come later to see her little brother.  We get to the hospital and get all set up.  I go in and have my csection (which took way longer to get closed up than it did the first time).  Colten Gregory was born at 12:28pm and was 8lb 11 oz and 21 in.  He was breathing really fast.  His blood sugar was 27.  So they take him to the NICU while I am still in the OR.  I go to recovery and they tell me because he is so big that is the reason for the trouble breathing.  They took me to his room in the NICU before they took me to my room where I would be staying for 4 days.  I was upset he would be away from me but I wanted him to get better so we could both come home.  They had to put him on a CPAP and had to put IV lines into his umbilical cord.  So we were not able to hold him.  I started pumping as soon as I was able to so they would have food for him whenever he was able to start eating.  The first night after Christian left to get Ashlynn and take her home I was talking to the nurse and she said she would take me up to see Colten in his room.  He was on the 2nd floor and I was on the 1st.  So I went and sat with my little man for awhile till I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.  The nurse explained everything they were doing for him.  I pumped every 2 hrs for the first few days.  I didn't sleep the first 2 days while he was in there.  I was so worried about him.  So finally on Sunday they said I could hold him just to feed him.  His CPAP had come off and he was breathing on his own.  I was so happy he was getting better.  They weren't suppose to let us hold him till the IV's came out of his umbilical cord but the nurse on duty said as long as she wrapped it up really good and I made sure it didn't pull at all I could hold him to feed him and just cuddle with him.  So that's what I did for the next 2 days.  Finally one of the IV's came out and it was ok to hold him a little more.  Then he developed jaundice really bad and had to be put under the Bili lights and also on a bili blanket so we could only hold him while we were feeding him.  The first time Ashlynn met her little brother he was hooked up to all these machines but she was in love.  While we were holding him and feeding him she would touch his head and just smile.  It made me happy she wasn't acting too upset about him being born.  The hospital discharged me on Tuesday and Colten still needed to be in the NICU so I was not leaving the hospital.  They have the parenting rooms you can stay in but only if they have some available.  i was lucky they had one so I got all my stuff moved to the other room Tuesday night before Christian left for the night.  I kept pumping and taking it to the NICU as soon as I was able to.  I spent a lot of time in the room with Colten.  On Wednesday they told us as long as he did well that night he could go home on Thursday.  Then around 11:30 Wednesday night they moved him from the 2nd floor NICU to the 1st floor NICU (which is for less critical patients).  Thursday morning I went to feed him and sat in the room holding him waiting on the doctor's to do rounds so we could find out if he could go home or not.  I waited and waited...Christian shows up with my lunch and I was starving so I decided to go eat and pump.  Of course I finish eating and am in the middle of pumping when Christian calls my phone and said the doctor's were in the room.  I got there and found out we were going home.  I was ecstatic.  We came home and Christian's mom was here to get Ashlynn off the bus and take her to gymnastics.  After her gymnastics we went to there house for dinner and then came home.  Took Colten to the doctor on friday for his first visit.  Then got the run around with Compunet because no one wanted to draw blood on a newborn.  Finally about 3pm we found one to do it.  I was not happy because I was starving, in pain, and needed to pump badly.  The doctor calls and says his Bili levels are up and he wants us to get them rechecked on Saturday.  We found a Children's that does bloodwork on weekends in Centerville to go to.  The doctor gave them his home phone number and had them call to give him the results.  He called us within about 20 minutes of us getting the bloodwork done saying the levels were going down so we didn't need to do anything else.  

So now we are home and doing good.  Colten is up to 8lb 14oz now so we don't have to wake him up at night anymore to feed him.  Thank goodness now I can get a little more sleep lol.  Last night he only woke up once to eat and then was up about 7:30 this am with a lot of gas and finally woke up to eat around 8:30.  

I am loving my new family.  It is still hard to believe I am a mommy of 2 kids now lol.