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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1st Day Alone with kids

Yesterday was the first day at home with both kids alone.  Christian went back to work yesterday.  He had been home for 2 weeks and was doing everything.  Cleaning, cooking, name it he was doing it for us.  He took care of Ashlynn and helped with Colten.  I mainly rested and pumped milk and fed Colten at night.  I did some of the feedings during the day as well but Christian did a lot of those too.  We made it through the day yesterday with only one fight between Ashlynn and I.  Ashlynn is such a Daddy's girl so it was hard on her for him to return to work.  We got out of bed around 8:30...came downstairs and I fed Colten a bottle and got Ashlynn a bowl of cereal.  After Colten was fed and changed I layed him down in the pack n play while he slept.  I got Ashlynn dressed and ready for school.  Got her on the bus around 12 noon and then had to feed Colten again.  Once Christian got home I was laying on couch watching tv with him and ended up falling asleep lol.  I guess I was tired, I didn't mean to fall asleep.  Christian got Ashlynn off the bus and then we made dinner together. 

So all in all yesterday was a good day.  Today has not started off as well but I will make it a good day lol.  Ashlynn woke up around 6 or 6:30 this morning and hung on Christian all morning while he was trying to get ready for work.  She was very upset he had to leave today.  She has had an attitude all morning with me and has not listened to anything.  She won't leave Colten alone while he is sleeping.  I understand she wants to love on him but he is asleep and I would like for him to get his sleep.  Plus she is still coughing so I don't want her to pass the germs on to him.  

So this is the life of a Mom of 2 kids lol.  I do love my family!!!